Nicole Walters - "She's The Boss"



Nicole Walters - "She's The Boss" Entrepreneur Nicole Walters and her family are starring on USA's newest docu-series She's the Boss. The businesswoman turned small screen personality is opening up about her uniquely blended family and their decision to put their lives out there for your viewing pleasure. "The biggest thing that made us want to do it is we think we're exactly what America needs right now. Something light-hearted and fun but also a family that doesn't necessarily follow traditional social constructs," Walters told E! News exclusively ahead of tonight's series premiere. "We are made in a different way, we're representative of every part of America and we're totally relatable." Walters' family includes her "stay at home lawyer" husband Josh Waters and their three adopted daughters, Daya, Krissy and Ally, who were brought into their lives by fate six years ago. "We actually got all three girls at one time," she shared. "What I think makes our journey a little bit different from most was it wasn't through an agency or organization. We met our girls on the side of the road in Baltimore and struck up a relationship with their mother and she needed help."


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