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DUTY FREE # DutyFreeFilm When Rebecca Danigelis, a British immigrant living in Boston, is fired from her job as a hotel housekeeper at the age of 75, she is financially and emotionally devastated. Her adult son, Sian-Pierre, is living in New York City, trying to work his way into the competitive world of TV journalism. With his mother’s reality crashing down, Sian-Pierre resolves to leave New York, and the life he expected to lead, to help his mother get back on her feet. As Sian-Pierre looks for ways to support Rebecca, he gives her an adventure spanning two continents that uncovers a surprising family saga, a story that reveals the compromises and injustices placed on single mothers, the persistence of sexism and ageism, and the difficult dance of duty and freedom where the older and younger generations come together. Subjects: Rebecca Danigelis, Sian-Pierre Regis Director: Sian-Pierre Regis Producers: Meredith Chin, Sian-Pierre Regis Executive Producers: Chip Conley RELEASE DATE: May 7, 2021 WEBSITE: https://www.dutyfreefilm.com/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DutyFreeFilm/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/dutyfreefilm/?hl=en OFFICIAL HASHTAG: # DutyFreeFilm


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