Tyler Wood - interview reveals "In Full Bloom"



"In Full Bloom" In Full Bloom (2019) 1h 30min | Action, Crime, Drama | 19 June 2019 (Italy) In post-war Tokyo, undefeated Japanese Champion trains for his upcoming bout against the American challenger. Pitted amongst political tensions, the fighters' parallel journeys will test the very limits of human spirit. In Full Bloom goes someplace else. It’s not cuddling you up to a character to milk every ounce of emotion out of the final match, nor is it purely character-driven. It’s an introspective, whimsical movie that surrounds you with passing thoughts, solemn faces, and a freight car of emotional baggage. You even get that Malick-branded, uber-expressive voiceover, where the characters’ most delicate and personal thoughts are whispered directly into your ear. The thoughts you’re made privy to belong to Clint (Tyler Wood) and Masahiro (Yusuke Ogasawara). They’re set to fight a match that extends far beyond status or ego, due to their nationalities and its proximity to WWII. Beyond the broader context of the fight are Clint and Masahiro’s personal histories, which we’re shown in flashbacks. Clint was in the war and didn’t have the best time; Masahiro trained in the wilderness with one of those older guys who makes you do dumb stuff but is always right in the end. Great film!


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