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MOBY DOC #mobydoc #moby #fabtv MOBY DOC is the creative, offbeat, wry, music-filled chronicle of an eventful life examined. filled with existential discussions, extraordinary concert footage, deep cuts from 30 years of moby’s music, unconventional narrative, quirky animation, rare clips, and thoughts from moby’s friend david lynch, it’s a vibrant, eclectic conversation between a man and his past. as music and a commitment to veganism and animal rights guide him, moby delves into himself to share honestly what he’s gone through, what it might mean to others, how he turned confusion about life into the beauty of art…and why the answers to some of the deepest questions we can ask as human beings may not be found in the way we’re actually living. moby doc starring moby and david lynch. with the talents of julie mitnz, gary baseman, laura dawn, apollo jane, mindy jones, and daniel ahearn, daron murphy, eric harle. directed & edited by rob gordon bralver. written by moby & rob gordon bralver. produced by little walnut productions. associate producers, jeff broadway, jonathan nesvadba. cinematography, nathan haugaard. original music by moby. illustrations by lindsey lewis. co-producers, eric harle & dave tomberlin. consulting producer, doug blush. animation, gary baseman & steve emmons & moby. One of the goals in making ‘moby doc’ was to try and make an honest and unconventional music documentary unlike any other music documentary. and, presumptuously, i think we succeeded….. oh, and there are two global release dates for moby doc; may 28 in the u.s, canada, uk, ireland, australia and new zealand. july 30 everywhere else.


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