Eleanor Coppola - Love is Love is Love - Exclusive interview



‘Love Is Love Is Love’: In her second narrative feature, Eleanor Coppola explores how intimate relationships shift and take different forms over the years. NOVEMBER 11, 2021 9:05AM Love is Love is Love A couple fumbles through a Saturday night dinner date over Zoom. Another uses a spontaneous boat trip to save their marriage. A grieving daughter gathers her late mother’s closest friends for an afternoon lunch. These are the characters at the heart of Eleanor Coppola’s awkward and staid feature Love Is Love Is Love, which looks at the title subject through three vignettes. With its star-studded cast, familiar narrative structure and broad conceit (who doesn’t love love?), the film could have been a charming, if unremarkable, option for a low-key Friday night. But it’s thwarted by the pairing of an uninspired script and uneven performances.


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