Super stunning 'Caylee Cowan' arrives in style at the premiere of "Frank and Penelope" in LA



Caylee Cowan stuns the crowd at the premiere of Frank & Penelope #SeanPatrickFlanery #FrankandPenelope #fabtv #CayleeCowan Sean Patrick Flanery’s feature film debut as a director, Frank & Penelope, is a callback to the rebellious outlaw attitude of certain movies of the 1990s, such as True Romance and Thelma and Louise. Written by Flanery, from an original story by John Thaddeus, the picture is an offbeat, twisted thriller about love, violence, psychopaths, and redemption. Of course, this type of film isn’t for everyone, but that’s what indie filmmaking is all about. The movie kicks into motion with Frank (Billy Budinich) devastatingly catching his wife in the act of cheating, which understandably sets him on a downward spiral. He goes to drown his sorrows at a strip club, where he meets a dancer named Penelope (Caylee Cowan). Frank spills his sad tale to Penelope, and they decide that they’re going to run off together and travel on a beautiful road, like the one at the end of Thelma and Louise (Penelope has never seen that classic, so she has no idea that Frank means driving off a cliff). Those events kick off Frank and Penelope’s ride-or-die journey across east Texas. Their offbeat road trip eventually leads them to a sadistic cult leader named Chisos (Johnathon Schaech). Along the way, there are some cool cameos by Sean Patrick Flanery as the strip club manager, Kevin Dillon as a sheriff, and Donna D’Errico showing range with a larger role as Mabel, one of Chisos’ disciples. #cayleecowan #fabtv


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