Nancy Grace - Bloodline Detectives interview on FabTV



Nancy Grace - Bloodline Detectives Nancy Grace True Crime Series ‘Bloodline Detectives’ As First Original Zoom interview with Nancy Grace with Fernando Escovar of FabTV, about her new show and a lot of insight of who Nancy really is! She's a fighter! EXCLUSIVE: FilmRise, the Brooklyn-based film and TV distributor, is launching its first original production, forensic investigative series Bloodline Detectives hosted by Nancy Grace with Peninsula Television in partnership with Sky Studios. Genesis TV will syndicate the 20-episode series, which features criminal investigations using familial DNA. It will premiere nationwide Oct. 3 on stations reaching nearly 90% of the country followed by a roll out on streaming platforms in 2021. FilmRise is heavily into true crime, distributing the original Robert Stack-hosted Unsolved Mysteries, and Forensic Files, one of its first major acquisitions, to streamers. The company’s CEO Danny Fisher called the genre “a space whose audience we understand well.” Interview with Fernando Escovar of


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