Lady of Chivalry Details Her Job at the 2023 Renaissance Faire



FabTV had a great time visiting the Renaissance Faire today this weekend. This is a wonderful place to spend a few hours, with a lot of GREAT opportunities for people watching! Interview of Lady of Chivalry by FabTV lead host Allison Witucki. Thanks to an abundance of actors and staging, you really do feel like you have transformed to the Renaissance time period! Small children will really have fun, as there are a plethora of things for them to do (especially the age 5-10 age group). There are plenty of options for food and drink. The environment felt safe and secure with Security personnel located throughout the venue. Plenty of opportunities to purchase a variety of items- and some of these would be hard to find elsewhere (such as glass blowing on-site, aromatherapy items, leather goods, and many places to buy Renaissance-era clothing and lots of jewelry, just to name a few). Unusual activities to choose from, such as shooting a bow and arrow and throwing spears. Lots of photo opportunities with people dressed in Renaissance period costumes. All in all, a fun, unique way to spend a day! #renaissancefaire #fabtv


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