"GODMOTHERED" Jillian Bell



"GODMOTHERED" In “Godmothered,” a young fairy-godmother-in-training travels to the modern human world to save her fairy-tale existence. If that plot reminds you of “Enchanted,” then that’s clearly what the folks at Disney+ had in mind, down to the casting of Isla Fisher; Fisher is a talented actress in her own right, but at least as far back as “Nocturnal Animals,” she also seems to be in on the joke that Hollywood thinks of her as The Other Amy Adams. For the most part, “Godmothered” is a mixed-bag of clever comedy and banal kid-movie clichés, but director Sharon Maguire (“Bridget Jones’ Baby”) and writers Kari Granlund (2019’s “Lady and the Tramp”) and Melissa Stack (“The Other Woman”) craft an ending that’s so emotionally and intellectually satisfying that it’s easy to forgive the film’s less magical attributes. It’s the story of Eleanor (Jillian Bell), the youngest and most eager in her class of fairy godmothers, taught by haughty headmistress Moira (Jane Curtin, underutilized). Eleanor is the last to learn that in a world that no longer believes in happy endings, fairy godmothers have been deemed irrelevant, and they’re all going to be reassigned as tooth fairies. Determined to preserve her career path, as well as the Motherland, she sets out to fix the life of a young girl named Mackenzie, who wrote in asking for help to get a cute boy in her class to notice her.


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