Billy Porter 'ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE' on Prime Video



BILLY PORTER'S 'ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE' REDEFINES THE ROM-COM FOR GEN-Z! #billyporter #primevideo #fabtv Gen-Z is redefining what the "rom-com" genre looks like by having previously underrepresented groups be the focus. Just look at Anything’s Possible (now streaming on Prime Video), which shows us the journey of Kelsa (Eva Reign) as she navigates high school as a Black trans girl. Her experience takes a surprising but overwhelming turn as her crush Khal (played by Iranian actor Abubakir Ali) confesses his feelings for her and subsequently disrupts their school’s fragile ecosystem. Billy Porter is the film’s director, making this his directorial debut and showcasing his talent for approaching complex issues with genuine care and understanding behind the camera just as well as in front of it. #billyporter #primevideo #fabtv


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