Director Cassie Keet & Producers of "SCREAM THERAPY" at Dances with Films festival



"SCREAM THERAPY" Director Cassie Keet absolutely nailed this one! A complete horror-comedy thats 75% comedy, But it has those horror elements we all love! It's horror parody written with style and "Scream Therapy" gives you the balanced dialogue with a good movie feel, the performances are on point and you can't help but cheer for the actors in this one! We at FabTV loved this film. Getting to know all the cleverly written characters and we were constantly surprised with all the tropes and the directions it took. We Highly recommended "SCREAM THERAPY" The after party was held at the Roosevelt Hotel and the reception was like a wedding of old friends and pals. This cast and crew were like family. #screamtherapy #cassiekeet #fabtv


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