Chris Collins at the BHFF details his new film "X AE A-12"



X AE A-12 is an intimate look at the entrepreneur's legacy. Although the Tesla co-founder is never mentioned by name, by telling the story through the point of view of his famously named son, the movie humanizes the business icon and imagines his future legacy both as a transformative figure and as a father. The high speed coming-of-age drama takes place in the not too distant future where X's father has left a clear imprint, including changing the U.S. currency and creating the most iconic electric vehicle brand in the world. X (played by Steven Morana) inherits an original Tesla roadster, which has become one of the most collectible cars in the world. The story begins at the precipice of X’s decision to either stay in the past and let his father’s decision to move to Mars continue to haunt him, or to embrace the challenge of designing a future of his own. The short drama as well as excerpts and theatrical trailer are now available for streaming on the movie’s website ( Source: X AE A-12 Films Interview by Fernando Escovar of FabTV. #bhff @ElonMusk-FanZone @elonmuskviralvideos7733 @elonmusklive3025 #elonmusk


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