“Bling Empire” after party intros whole cast! - Bling Empire season 2



“Bling Empire” after party! Bling Empire season 2 Netflix release date and time — when you can watch The bling is back in town Anna Shay, Kane Lim, Kelly Mi Li in season 2 of Bling Empire Bling, bling! Yes, folks, it's almost time to watch Bling Empire season 2, as Netflix's reality TV show featuring some of Los Angeles' super-rich Asians is back for round 2. And as we've already seen, drama starts hot and early, with Kevin showing Kim his romantic intentions. That said, the shade flies immediately, as everyone is taking their turns in the confessional making note that Kevin is ... well ... as Kane put it, Kevin is "a man-whore." Expect rivalry of varying degrees between practically everyone, including Kane and Kevin, as the best buds will have their own drama. You already know Christine and Anna are going to be at war too.


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