Director: Alice Englert details ‘Bad Behaviour’ at the premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2023



‘Bad Behaviour’ Alice Englert’s cool Cynical Feature Debut at the Sundance film festival interview with Actor-turned-filmmaker Alice Englert’s “Bad Behaviour” is a dirty bomb of a movie, and it almost seems intentionally devised to keep the viewer off-balance. What at first appears a rather obvious send-up of self-help culture turns into a take-no-prisoners assault on narrative expectations and norms, all the while painting a pointed portrait of a truly complicated protagonist, the kind of character whose motivations and intentions are so slippery, you can barely make up your mind about her before she gives you a reason to change it again. Her name is Lucy, and she’s played by Jennifer Connelly with the kind of spiky verve you can perhaps only muster up when you won your Oscar long ago to stop giving a damn. We’re introduced to her as she’s listening to self-help tapes while driving, and texting, and yelling at other drivers, and calling her daughter Dylan (Englert) in New Zealand. Lucy is en route to a “semi-silent retreat in the wilderness”; Dylan is off working as a stunt-person on a big international production. It’s clear, from jump street, that theirs is a strained relationship – Dylan ends the call with a “love you” that sounds more like an insult than an assurance. # BenWhishaw #fabtv #sundance #aliceenglert #fabtv


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