Crazy Wrong Address Day With Mr.Brainwash!!!



On way to a red carpet I go to the wrong address I show up at the wrong address in Beverly Hills & it happens to be “Mr Brainwash’s Art Museum” but it was closed & he was inside painting & security was about to kick me out when Mr. Brainwash said: “No! He’s supposed to be here! Life is Beautiful!” #fernandoescovar So I got a private exclusive 10 minute interview with him! #fabtv Mr. Brainwash Bansky #FABTV #bansky #mrbrainwash Mr Brainwash Art Museum 1990s Beverly Hills, California. The community of communities. Dreamers longed to join, and the rich and famous showed them exactly why. The best stores, the best restaurants, the best houses. No matter the medium, Beverly Hills did it best. It was the place to be. Immortalized on the silver screen in iconic films such as Beverly Hills Cop, Pretty Woman, Clueless, and on the small screen in the cult obsession Beverly Hills 90210. Residents of this pinnacle Beverly Hills society revered the city as their personal haven, diligently protecting its every aspect – from schools and parks to restaurants and museums. The Paley Center for Media, also known as the Museum of Television and Radio, opened its doors in 1996 to an eager, inviting, and prospering Beverly Hills community. The museum was beautifully designed by American artist and architect, Richard Meier, making the building itself a true work of art. One that the city was proud to keep under its protective umbrella. #MRBRAINWASHARTMUSEUM #mrbrainwash


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